5 Weeks Yoga Teachers’ Training

(Kindly Read the complete details before registering and making the payment. Fees once paid are non refundable)

Program begins: 21 June, 2024
Last day of program: 26 July, 2024

Location: Soham Yoga Egypt, Heliopolis
Lead teacher: Yoga Guru, Dr.Raghavendra (Sri Soham)
Assistant Teacher & Managing Partner, Nada Harfoush
(+ additional 2 guest teachers)

This program is registered with Yoga Alliance USA and Soham Ashram India is registered by Yoga Certification Board Ministry of Ayush Govt of India. After successfully completing this course, you are entitled to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teacher (200 RYT)



A 200 Hour training can be both a learning teacher opportunity to some and an introduction to yoga to others. Before enrolling, you will be asked to read the full description below to make sure this course is the right decision for you.




Transition into a new life chapter with our 4 week momentous program! Our Yoga Teachers’ training program is a thoughtfully planned journey that combines both Hatha with an introduction to Astanga yoga. Upon completion of the 200-hour training, you will be eligible to take the certification exam.

Yoga hails from ancient India. Fortunately, the program is fuelled by authentic teaching. We don’t teach you to become “ more flexible”. Instead, we work on cultivating a better understanding of what “yoga” truly means. For the depth of your practice does not come from a complicated posture, but rather from a disciplinary and flexible mind. Only then progress can be achieved.

Our dedicated internationally renowned guru, Sri Soham takes you on a “self knowledge” oriented mystical journey. In his presence, you will indulge in yogic philosophy, perfect your asanas (yoga postures) and alter your views on meditation. You will gradually understand what it means to connect with your breath through “pranayama” and discover how the practice contributes to your life.

You may be telling yourself this is only for “flexible students” and talk yourself out of it. However this course is for anyone who wants to learn, it is also an investment in your health and peace. We invite those driven by the conscious mind and feel ready to study REAL yoga with an open heart.



If your mind tends to wander off your yoga mat as much as your phone screen then yoga isn’t happening. We believe yoga can only be achieved with the union of mind, body and soul. The immersive program is an in depth learning of awareness and acceptance of oneself. The magnitude of what you’ll be learning cannot be described in words.

As soon as you arrive at a different understanding of Yoga, your physical practice will evolve. Soham Ayur Yoga Ashram delivers an authentic experience that impacts your personal life and will set you apart from other Yoga teachers – in your interactions, knowledge and practice.

Before enrolling, please understand that there’s something to be learn in each and every approach. Our program is not a “race to the top”. As we believe, spending time in your physical practice does not make you understand yoga. Surely, you will have PLENTY of time doing cool asanas but this is not how we prompt transformation. Please make sure your intentions align with our course.



Our training is based on experiential learning – learning by doing. We bring like-minded people together. Our engaging participants empower one another through, support, feedback, unity and respect. The people you meet in your training will always hold a special place in your heart.

Your practical experience in our in class activities will help you refine and leverage from the foundation of your own personal practice. Not only do we provide you with the knowledge to advance your practice. We will be working with our all participant’s conditions. Progressively you will gain an understanding of proper alignment, working with yoga props, hands on adjustments and how to deal with injuries. The overall experience will leave you feeling informed and discover your unique ability to guide others.
There’s nothing quite like going through this experience; you will learn how to develop your OWN practice and you will begin to see clearly how you can help others advance beyond their own personal and unique abilities.



Yoga is for All. The only thing you need to be able to go through this intensive experience is your ability to COMMIT. A 200 Hour training can be both a learning teacher opportunity and an introduction to yoga. Thus, we willingly assist people to transform their inner workings, regardless of their background. We believe everyone can contribute to Yoga, both on and off the mat.
Yet, you will get the MOST BENEFIT: if you are committed in your yoga practice or have a refined background on yoga and willing to dive deeper into this realm.

While we encourage everyone to be open to new possibilities, we advise prospective students that NEVER attended a yoga class to join a few yoga sessions before taking part in this training. It is a necessary preparation both mentally and physically. Our course is open for SERIOUS students. And anyone that is willing to COMMIT to this experience.



The completion of this 200-hour training entitles you to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teacher (200 RYT). HOWEVER, a 200 hour training is major accomplishment for a yogi but not necessary for a teacher.

We will provide you with ALL the tools needed to become the confident teacher you desire. To clarify, you will be able to know the names of the poses, understand how to come up with sequences, chant, demonstrate, guide and preform postures (depending on your capacity). The information is what we are responsible for and how you present it can be an entirely different experience.

There are so many qualities you need to learn to become a GOOD teacher. Your ability to come up with a smooth sequence isn’t the ONLY thing that makes you a good teacher. Your knowledge, personal practice, discipline, demonstration and the way you lead and present yourself ALL define your ability to teach.

Many people show up with high expectations with a very minor background. Their expectations underestimate the amount of postures, modifications, Sanskrit terms and in depth philosophy they are exposed to daily during the training. You are here to learn. It is okay if you are not able to perfect your postures, adjustments or sequences all at once. This is not a final statement on your teaching skills. Trust the process. For many require more time after the course to either develop their physical abilities or teaching methods – and really okay.

While everyone will receive a 200 hour certificate that allows them to work as a yoga instructor in any part of the world, we believe that ONLY when you begin to practice teaching you will learn how to teach. The framework of our curriculum will allow you to explore your teaching methods.However, we advise most to continue to develop their personal practice and teach their friends of family for a year before they start to teach.



Theory includes:

Philosophy of Yoga, History of Yoga, Foundation of Yoga, Yogic Principles & Ethics, Meditation, Pranayama, Basic Yoga Anatomy, Yoga therapy, The Concept of Chakras & Kundalini, Introduction to Ayurveda & Panchakarma, Mudra Yoga, Pancha Koshas, Kriya Cleansing Techniques.

Practical includes:

Hatha Yoga & An Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga, Yogic Detox, Sukshma Vyayama, Hatha Yoga Asanas, Applying Bandhas & Drishtis, The Art of Alignment & Adjustment, Asana Instructions & Benefits, Yoga Nidra, Developing , Yoga Sequences, An Introduction to Prenatal Yoga.
Teaching Methodology includes:
Implementing Yoga Therapy, Planning for a Yoga session, Teacher Preparation, Implementing Asana Instructions, Injury Attention, Teaching techniques, Using Different Teaching Styles: for Kids & Seniors, Business Building skills for Yoga Teachers, Practical Sessions



• Discipline
• finish your reading list
• to show up on time
• attend all classes (do not miss more than 3 times)
• eat healthy during the course
• to be fully involved during class activities
• to finish your karma yoga (as informed by teacher)
• to study
• to know terms in Sanskrit
• to dedicate time to home study and assigned tasks
• to take assignments seriously
• to maintain the harmony and positive vibration within our close group
• to not judge others or yourself



Finally please make sure to bring
• Bring your own yoga mat (for energy purposes)
• Please bring your own Yoga straps, blocks and a knee cap.
• Your own water bottle and tissue paper
• Your notebook and pens
• A white outfit for graduation day



Students are required to pick one of the sample schedules below.

Group A:
Monday to Wednesday from 8 am to 11 am
Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm
Sundays and Thursdays are off

Group B:
Monday to Wednesday from 6 pm to 9 pm
Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm
Sundays and Thursdays are off


• Tuition fees 1750 $
• To reserve a spot you need to contact us (by Email, Facebook or Instagram) to pay your registration fees of 500 $ .
• The remaining balance should be paid on or before the first day of the course.
• We do not have a deadline for registration but booking shall be closed once spots in each batch is full.
• If you wish to reserve, please do ASAP as we have limited spots.
• You can either pay via bank transfer or visit our studio to pay the fees. Kindly read our complete refund policy before registering and paying the fees.

Fees DO NOT include:
• Yoga mat, block and straps
• Graduation day lunch



• We understand the importance of your time and resources, so we advise you to please book after careful assessment.

• The booking fee will NOT be refunded to you or transferred to any other student if you wish to cancel.

• If you wish to cancel your current course date, you may transfer your booking fee to another course within a year of the application date. Before your transfer is processed, you must reconfirm the available date with us. This is allowed one time per person, multiple transfers are not permitted. This must be done at least 14 days before the start date of your course.

• Your course registration could ONLY be transferred to another available date after paying full course fees in advance, this will be allowed only once.

• To avoid any complications, we highly recommend you to please pay the amount due on or before the first day of the course in USD or EGP. We do not accept any traveler cheque, debit or credit card payments at this time.

• In case of a cancellation performed by Soham Yoga Egypt, due to any unavoidable circumstances, full fees or booking amount will be refunded to the student without any charges. It does not apply to cancellations done due to misconduct or unlawful activity performed by a student during a course.

• Soham Yoga Egypt holds all rights to refuse or cancel admission without explanation in case of a serious misconduct or unlawful activity by any student on or off the premises.

• During an unavoidable and natural pandemic situation, if any restrictions or lockdown is applied in Egypt or the government of India, course dates will be postponed and students shall be informed of new dates. If you have already registered for the course, booking fees will not be refunded.

• During the ongoing program, if you are infected, undergoing any kind of health condition or any Covid symptoms you can attend the sessions online or join our next course (provided you submit your Doctors certificate/pcr result certificate) and the paid fees will not be refunded.

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