Date: (For Complete 2023)

6 January Wolf Moon
5 February Snow Moon
7 March Worm Moon
6 April Pink Moon
5 May Flower Moon
4 June Strawberry Moon
3 July Buck Moon
1 August Sturgeon Moon (supermoon)
31 August Blue Moon (supermoon)
29 September Corn/Harvest Moon
28 October Hunter’s Moon
27 November Beaver Moon
27 December. Cold Moon

India time: 8.30 p.m. to 11 pm
Egypt time: 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm

We are organising one day Full Moon Meditation workshop (online & offline) Guided directly by Guru Dr. Sri Soham on June 3rd Saturday (2 hours 30 minutes)

– Philosophy of Meditation
– History of Meditation
– How to meditate
– Why to meditate
– Where to meditate
– Why Meditation is important on Full Moon days and No Moon days.
– Meditate with Guru Dr. Sri Soham

For Indians in Rupees – 999 Rs.
For Egyptian in Le – 500 le.
For Others in USD- 20 USD.

To register, please make payment:

* Indians can pay through PhonePe or Google pay to 9799791717 (Once done please send the transaction Id and screen shot of the payment to our watsapp number 9980152222)
* Egyptians can pay through Instapay – Instapay Id is yogi.gowd@instapay
* Others can pay through PayPal-Paypal Id is (Please add extra 4 dollars service fees if you are paying through PayPal)

Contact us for more details-
Watsapp only: 00919980152222

Please note , sessions will happens through Zoom link. Fees once paid are non refundable

  • Please note limited spots only and we will close the admission as soon as the spots finishes. Please reserve your spot today.
  • Participation Certificate will be issued for all participants.